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Jamie | 19 | CO, USA

I like to draw things. People to be more specific. And characters.

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hand practice~

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Made my lady inquisitors in the Sims 4 demo :D Birsena is my main inquisitor (Vasoth, Rogue) so that’s her up top.

Varill (bottom left), is my elf mage.

And Isis is my human inquisitor. I can’t decide if she too will be a mage or be a battle axe carrying warrior. I also remember hearing rumors of the Inquisitor allowing people to praise them as a god? Not sure if it still stands true or not but basically Isis would very much appeal to the idea of being praised as a goddess.

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Anonymous asked: if Koldan is dead does he hang out with the Outsider

Nah he kinda justs


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Also here’s that mini Iron Bull I mentioned :D he looks a bit like a pirate but meh what can i say

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I found a few old sketches of my Overseer OC, and decided to do a couple more. So here’s a sketch dump of Koldan :D and his hands.

Quick fact: His sister is a witch that used to be in the Oracular Order and if he were still alive he would support her in every way possible

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roushee asked: I love the way you draw baggy pants and I love the way you draw. I am happy that I found your blog. :)

Ahh thank you so much >< Glad you like them~

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Mini Inquisitor :D

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These are some other ones I’ve made! The bottom right is based off my sister. I just wish I could change the size of the eyes >:c