More drawings from my RP blog!

I usually do a thing once a week where my RP partners send a symbol and I draw their character so~! that was last night.

"Up on top of the mountain at Dr Madeleine’s, I used to have fun stuffing all sorts of things inside my clock: pebbles, newspaper, marbles … The gears would start screeching, the tick-tock became chaotic and the cuckoo impersonated a miniature bulldozer lumbering around my lungs. It used to horrify Madeleine."

Jack you adorable fool

oh god, i've been stalking you like forever and to know you are a fellow rper makes my heart dance to be honest!!

Omg yes yes I actually have 4 RP blogs, but 2 are inactive, 1 is kind of active, and the last one is the one that’s most active that I’m currently on, and it’s the one those drawings were from ><

(links are to drawings of the characters) I RP as Jack, and then I have a blog for Alex. Jack is my most active blog currently, Alex is semi-active as her muse tends to dislike socializing. The other blog I pop on to every now and then is for my Dishonored oc, Eudocia. My last blog I never log in to any more, but I keep because of all the info on it, is for a kind of father-daughter duo from 1913.


yes i rp~