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Jamie | 19 | CO, USA

I like to draw things. People to be more specific. And characters.

Commissions: Open!

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female outsider in progress? female outsider in progress. yes

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Possible elf inquisitor? I want to play as an Elf Mage at one point ovo I just gotta figure out her design hmmmm

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i have these two small headcanons for Birsena where she cannot read maps to save her life and that she only curses/swears mentally and not aloud. also fur armor *^*

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IDk but i imagine the iron bull giving surprise kisses but it’s also almost 2 am so im going to bed

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My slots are empty and I’m ready for more! I need money for books and art supplies for my classes.

Full Commissions page here

Prices: Listed above, with basic examples. Each is for a single person. Any additional characters are $5 per drawing. (Ex: Two chibis as one drawing are $25)

Examples: Deviantart, Tumblr tag

Contact: Send me an email with your username at ursaiscommissions@gmail.com, and we’ll figure out what you need! If you have any questions, contact me either here on Tumblr or via email

Payment:Via Paypal only, prices in USD. Payment required upfront. I can provide a sketch or two before you pay. 

Slots: I have 5 slots. No waiting list. Slots can be viewed on my commissions page.

Any extra information on what I’m willing to draw, backgrounds, what you should provide, etc. is on my commissions page. listed above

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Anonymous asked: Does her brother find out she's a witch and hunt her?

Laughs nah he dead.

BUT if he were still alive he would actually support her and help in retrieving information on heretics by raiding the Abbey’s files, copying them, and delivering them to her in secret. 

Also his name is Koldan >< He is, or was, highly supportive of his little sister, and protective of her. He died before she escaped the Order, of the plague (was one of the first to go).

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elenei asked: eudocia sallow looks sooooo cool! what's her story?

Oh gosh thank you ><

Her story has a lot to it, but summarized, essentially:

She was born and grew up in Tyvia with her father and older brother (her mother had died giving birth to her). And once she was old enough she joined the Oracular Order (and her brother was in the Abbey of the Everyman). Seeing as the Oracles mainly study the world’s history and what not, she took a deep interest in studying Pandyssia’s history, and took a trip to Pandyssia to gather a firmer ground on it’s ancient civilization.

However, while she was there she discovered ancient magics the civilization used to use in regards to the Void and the Outsider, and once she returned she began to figure out ways to use magic without being marked by the “Devil” himself. This magic has a price however, and very slowly is killing her. Like, really really slowly.

Time goes on, and the Order finds out about her use of magic, and [this is my idea] as punishment they blind her permanently with a poison and seek to brand her a heretic, but she manages to flee before they could, and she then lives out her days in the Estate District of Dunwall, hunting heretics, destroying runes and bonecharms, and any bearing praise or mark of the Outsider.

That’s about it for summary tbh. As for her magic, it’s not stuff like fire and ice, etc. Rather, it’s controlling shadows. She can travel through the shadows by becoming a black mass (based off of the Outsiders form from the Tales of Dunwall p.3), control other people’s shadows, and use her magic to see once more much like Corvo’s Void Gaze, but slightly different.

Aaand last but not least, in the High Chaos verse, she eats the raw hearts of heretics she kills, as she believes she is gaining more power from the void and “cleansing” them.